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Shampoo/ Style

Shampoo/ Style
Shampoo/ Flat Iron/Set Treatments
Shampoo/ Spiral Protein
Shampoo/ Up do Intense Moisture
Shampoo/Style w/
Hair Extensions
Dry Scalp Treatment
Wand Set Shampoo
Twist set on relaxed+hair
Color Includes Shampoo & Style
Highlights w/ Short Hair Panel of Color/ short hair
Highlights w/ Medium Hair Panel of Color/ medium length hair
Highlights w/Long Hair Panel of Color/ long length hair
Highlights w/ Low Light Short Hair Demi Rinse
Highlights w/ Low Light Medium Hair Semi Rinse
Highlights w/Low Lights Long Hair Semi/ Demi on edges
Color/ short hair Add extra colors
Color/ medium length hair Eyebrow tint
Color/ long length

Sophisticated Styling Essentials for Your Healthy Hair